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The Importance of Children’s Social Interaction:

Social interaction is one of the most important factors for the health and development of children. In order to promote healthy development, it is important for children to interact with each other to expand their social skills, learn how to be a friend, and switch on their ability to empathise with other children. Positive social interactions have a wide range of both physical and mental benefits for children, as not only can joining in an online Zoom activity group boost a child’s confidence, but it also helps build the child’s communication and teamwork skills whilst schools and kids’ clubs are closed. Activity classes can also restore consistency back into their routines, and of course be something to look forward to!

ln facing the challenges of Covid-19, we have all experienced a great loss of social interaction, causing significant disruptions in children’s daily routines. Due to school and day-care closures, young children are having to stay at home, whilst parents and caregivers juggle caretaking, supervision of play and learning, and providing affection. Confined to their home, virtual interaction is a great way for children to fight feeling stuck indoors and missing their friends. Through online Zoom activity classes, children can feel more connected and together again, where they can have some fun with each other and let their hair down.


So let us help your child, to help you! Find out more about our range of classes now!

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