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Booking with Childcare Vouchers 

Please use the following steps to book using childcare vouchers or Tax Free Childcare:

Childcare Vouchers:

  1. Contact us at to let us know the name of your provider.

  2.  We will email the code for you to use to obtain your voucher.

  3.  Contact your provider using the code given to allow the provider to make payment for your camp.

  4. Provider pays Skills and More. (leave 48 hours after contacting your provider to allow time for payment)

  5. Book onto your camp.

Please note you may book onto the camp earlier but bookings remain provisional until payment from the voucher provider has been received.

Tax Free Childcare:

Please contact us at

If your childcare voucher provider isn’t listed below, please contact us at and we will register with your provider as soon as possible.

  • Busy Bee Benefits/Computershare

  • Caboodle

  • Care4

  • Enred

  • Faircare

  • Fideliti

  • Gemilli

  • Kiddi Vouchers

  • Mid Counties Cooperative /Imagine childcare

  • RG Childcare Vouchers

  • Sodexo

For any other booking requirements or queries please email

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